Thursday, July 9, 2020

8 Air Conditioner Repair Tips For Homeowners

air-conditioner-repair-300x200.jpgIt’s definitely not an enjoyable situation when your air conditioner breaks down on you. It’s best to keep your AC unit maintained to keep it running without any hiccups for a long duration. However, when the time comes that it breaks down even with proper maintenance, you should get professional air conditioner repair. On the other hand, you can always do your own troubleshooting if the conditions permit you to do so and save money.

Here are common air conditioner repair techniques every homeowner should know:

Cleaning the air filters – a lot of people tend to forget that air conditioners use air filters to keep the dirt out of the system. When the air filters become clogged with dirt, the system can no longer circulate as much air as it had when it was clean. This limits the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. With that said, cleaning or replacing the air filters on a regular basis can prevent issues with your air conditioner. Prolonging cleanup or replacement will lead to serious issues later on that would require professional North Myrtle Beach air conditioner repair. Keeping things in the shade – sometimes it’s not the air conditioner that’s at fault when if there’s no proper cooling. Sometimes, windows just let in too much heat from the sun which defeats the purpose of circulating cool air. To resolve this issue, you can close the blinds or use thick curtains that can block off the heat from the sun. Sealing air leakage – leaking air is another concern that people often fail to notice. For the air conditioner to work properly, a room must be sealed and air should not leak in or out. Since each home is built differently, you should consult your HVAC contractor regarding this matter and they can tell you exactly what to do. Fixing excessive vibration – every air conditioning unit vibrates to a certain degree. However, there are cases in which the vibration is just too much that it can’t be ignored. If in case you are experiencing this problem, you should reinstall the unit as it is likely caused by faulty installation. Fixing bad thermostat settings – proper thermostat settings is one of the many ways you can ensure that the air conditioner runs smoothly and efficiently. If you think your system isn’t cooling enough, check the thermostat if the settings are correct. Clearing the registers – if you have an HVAC system, you should clean the registers regularly to clear any dust buildup. In addition, make sure that there is no furniture or other things that could block the registers. De-clutter the outside unit – the outside unit is where the heat exchange happens. You should always check if the outside unit is clear and that there is nothing that is impeding airflow. Keep your unit maintained – your air conditioner needs to be maintained on a regular basis. Always schedule maintenance with experts like NMB HVAC Pros to ensure that your system will work fine for years to come.

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Monday, June 29, 2020

HVAC Tips – Keeping Your Air Conditioner In Top Shape

air-conditioner-repair-2-300x200.jpgSummer is the season of the year that’s toughest for your air conditioner. It’s when you just have to crank up the air conditioner to its maximum cooling capacity thanks to the sometimes unbearable heat of the summer sun. However, your air conditioning unit doesn’t need to bear the brunt all the time. There are ways on how you can keep your cool while letting your air conditioner take it easy. You might want to consider getting air conditioner repair if there are pre-existing issues with the unit itself.

Reducing air conditioner usage while keeping cool

  1. Avoid letting light through. Light, as we know it, is energy and it carries heat with it. What you can do to ease up on your air conditioning usage is to keep your home as dark as possible. You can do this by closing off entry points like doors and windows. Close all blinds and curtains while the sun is at full blast. This way, there’s less heat energy that enters your home and your air conditioner does not need to work as hard when all the window curtains and blinds are wide open.
  1. Invest in the shady landscape. This is a rather long-term solution. It takes months or a few years for this option to be viable. However, adding a shady landscape around your home helps a whole lot with energy conservation. With enough shade, you don’t have to crank up your air conditioner all the time. Also, you will be getting a lot of fresh air in return.
  1. Use smart thermostats. Throughout the day, the temperature rises and falls. Using a smart thermostat can address the issues that would arise if your AC is just dialed into one setting. A smart or programmable thermostat can increase or decrease the power to your air conditioner, making it more efficient. Also, have your air conditioner checked. You might not know if you need North Myrtle Beach air conditioner repair or not if you haven’t had it checked out yet.
  1. Add ventilation. Ceiling fans, electric fans, and other means of moving air throughout your house is a great way of allowing your air conditioner to perform efficiently. When the air is circulated faster, the air conditioner can better perform at cooling. This way, the air is cooled at a more rapid pace without the extra power to the AC unit.
  1. Make sure insulation is great. Without proper home insulation, you really can’t expect your air conditioner to perform as well as it should. Make sure that your home has adequate insulation so that heat or cool air cannot escape.
  1. Make sure your air conditioner is well-maintained. The last thing that you need to be making sure is the efficiency of your air conditioner. Be sure that it well maintained by an HVAC contractor. The only way for your system to be fully functional all year round is regular maintenance. Without this, your air conditioner will bog down more often times than not. Hire experts like NMB HVAC Pros for quality services.

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Air Conditioner Repair – Strange Noises Are Signs Often Signs Of Trouble

air-conditioner-repair-North-Myrtle-Beach-300x225.jpgWhen your air conditioner is working fine, you can just relax and let the summer roll in without any problems. However, if there seems to be something off with your AC unit, you should have it checked out. Before the summer heat goes full swing, you should get any air conditioner repair done. You really don’t want to spend a few days of your summer soaked in your own sweat while waiting for the air conditioner technician to fix the problems. To keep your air conditioning unit from running into problems this summer, be sure that it is in top shape.

Strange noises often lead to breakdowns which will need air conditioner repair

Hissing – while it might not be that disturbing at first when you constantly hear your air conditioner hissing when you turn it on, there is something wrong with it. There are often two issues when your air conditioner starts to his. First, the air filters must be clogged which makes it harder for the air to pass through the evaporator coils and cause the hissing. Another reason for the hissing sound is a refrigerant leak. If the latter is what seems to be causing the issue, you should call in a professional for air conditioner repair North Myrtle Beach. Screeching sound – when you notice a screeching sound when the air conditioner is turned on, it could come from a variety of sources. Often times, the cause of this terrible noise is worn out parts. When there’s metal to metal contact, it will generate some awful noise that’s close to unbearable. If this happens, call your HVAC contractor right away and have it checked out. The longer you delay the repairs, the bigger the problem will be and the costlier it gets. Rattling noises – your air conditioner is comprised of a number of moving parts. It’s normal to hear some particular noises in the background while using the unit. However, when you hear rattling noises, you should call in experts like NMB HVAC Pros. Rattling noises often are produced by a number of issues. The cause of the rattling noise coming from your AC may vary. However, you should make sure that the problem is fixed right away. Buzzing sounds – an air conditioning unit makes a particular sound once it is turned on. However, this does not include buzzing noises. Often times, buzzing noises are caused by problems in the electrical system of the unit. If you want to make sure that your air conditioner can last throughout this summer, have it checked out and or repaired by an HVAC expert in North Myrtle Beach. Don’t let your air conditioner ruin your summer. Your heating and cooling system will only do so much unless it is properly maintained. As for air conditioning units, it must be kept in its best shape through periodic maintenance. Since it deals with a lot of moving parts, it needs to be checked every now and then to inspect for any possible issues.

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Monday, June 15, 2020

Quick Air Conditioner Repair Guide

air-conditioner-repair-1-300x200.jpgDon’t you just hate it when your air conditioner breaks down on you in the middle of a hot summer’s day? It’s going to be a really bad day when that happens to you. Before summer goes full swing, you should have your air conditioner checked out for any issues. Air conditioner repair is best done before summer officially rolls in. This is to avoid any costly and inconvenient breakdowns later on. Here are some tips that will help you out.

Air conditioner repair 101

  1. Observe proper thermostat settings – have you ever experienced a time when the air conditioner just won’t do its job at cooling your home? It’s not always the fault of the air conditioner. Sometimes, it’s just a bad thermostat setting that causes trouble. Be sure that your thermostat settings are set correctly. Incorrectly setting your thermostat may cause the unit to underperform or over-perform. Either way, your air conditioner won’t be delivering the best results if the thermostat is not set properly.
  1. Put fresh thermostat batteries – one of the most common causes of thermostat failure is dead batteries. Older thermostat models require batteries to be swapped out every so often. This is to ensure that it works as intended. However, a lot of homeowners tend to forget doing so from time to time. You can put in fresh batteries to prevent the thermostat from working incorrectly.
  1. Replace the air filter – your air conditioner is fitted with an air filter that does just what you would have thought, filter air. With that said, air filters trap a lot of dirt over time. If you have pets or live with a number of other people in the same household, the air filters would need replacing more frequently. When the air filters become clogged with dirt, the system cannot circulate as much air as it should. It might sound trivial, but dirty air filters can cause a lot of problems for your system. It’s also one of the reasons why you would need North Myrtle Beach air conditioner repair at some point.
  1. Check the circuit breaker – be sure that the circuit breaker connected to the air conditioner is working and has not tripped. If the circuit breaker is tripped, for any reason, be sure to reset it.
  1. Check the vents – dirty vents may lead to bad air quality. Other than that, air may not be circulated well enough that the system may try harder to push air around your home.
  1. Hire an expert contractor – the last thing that you will be needing is a reliable HVAC contractor. In case you notice something wrong with your system and basic troubleshooting steps aren’t helping, call experts like NMB HVAC Pros. If you’re worried that your air conditioner might break down on you in the middle of summer, you have more reason to hire an expert. Be sure that all issues are resolved so your air conditioner can run without any hitch during the season when you need it the most.

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Thursday, June 11, 2020

How Much Does It Cost to Install or Replace A Heat Pump?

heat-pump-300x228.jpgA heat pump is a device that can cool or heat your home by moving heat from a certain source to a different location. During warm seasons, the unit diverts heat from your house to the outdoors. The opposite happens in cold seasons. Heat pumps work extremely well in heating or cooling a home or building.

Heat Pump’s Life Expectancy

The system’s life expectancy relies on many different factors like your location, the type of North Myrtle Beach heat pump installed, and how well you take care of your heat pump. These systems usually last for an average of 15 years, although some units wear out only after ten years of constant use. Some of the most recent units that are being manufactured today can last much longer than that. Heat Pump Maintenance Tips How you maintain your heat pump is the primary factor that determines the lifespan of the unit. There are some ways to help you make sure that the system is well taken care of, thus help increase its life expectancy.
  • Make sure that the defrost cycle is working correctly. Keep in mind that ice can accumulate on the outdoor coil, which can cause frost and prevent the pump from producing heat.
  • Clean or replace the air filters on a regular basis, according to the recommendations given by the manufacturer. Check the manual that comes with the unit.
  • Clean up the fins on the condenser unit that’s located outdoors.
  • Clean the coils. Get rid of any plants that grow within 18 inches from the outdoor unit.
Heat pumps are available in different types. The most common one is the air source heat pump. It works by transferring air between the indoors and the outside environment. A much less common variation is the water source pump, which uses the warmer temperatures underground. Another type is a dual-source pump, which possesses the features of both units. A dual-source pump has the longest life expectancy out of the three types of heat pumps. Heat pumps are known to be more efficient than air conditioners since they can heat and cool your home without having to install another heating and cooling system. However, one problem with it is the heat pump’s ability to heat a home efficiently once the temperature falls below freezing for a certain length of time. In areas with colder climates, homeowners may require the use of another heat source. This unit heats best when the temperature outside is around 50 degrees.

Factors Affecting The Heat Pump Installation Cost

heating-and-cooling-300x200.jpgThe cost of installing your heat pump is greatly affected by the difficulty linked to the ground’s excavation. Be sure to talk to a few heat pump installation experts including NMB HVAC Pros and obtain a number of bids, since this installation can differ significantly in terms of the price. For instance, drilling through a driveway or concrete slab for the installation of a heat pump is costlier compared to no excavation at all. A few of the cost factors to consider the installation of a geothermal heat pump or air source heat pump. Heat Pump – the price of the heat pump unit varies greatly depending on the type of pump, brand, as well as capacity. It is one section of the North Myrtle Beach HVAC system that does the heavy lifting during the winter. Installation – this includes the required equipment, preparation of the area where the pump will be installed, the planning phase, as well as the labor costs. The installation costs may also include the cleanup once the system has been installed. Materials and Supplies – The materials and supplies costs include the fittings, hardware, as well as the pipes. These are relatively higher if you plan to install a ground source heat pump because it requires pipe installation. Specialty Equipment Fees – In some instances, there is a need for additional equipment like brazing kits and pipe cutters. Size Of Your Home – the size of your home is the biggest single factor that affects the cost of your heat pump installation. Bigger houses will need pumps with higher capacity and that also means they are more expensive. Don’t try to save cash by installing a pump that’s too small for your home because you will just end up spending more on your utility bills. When choosing a heat pump for your home, here are some tips you need to know. Size of the unit in advance – the heat pump must be sized based on the maximum demand. For instance, when you need a higher cooling demand, the size of the heat pump must meet the basic requirements. Consider the square footage of the external wall, ceiling, internal wall, as well as the floor areas when determining the best heat pump size for your home. Pay Attention To The Sound Rating – Heat pumps have a specific sound rating, which is measured in decibels. If you are searching for a heat pump for your house, be sure to look for units that have a lower rating. To decrease the noise output, install the heat pump away from any windows or doors. Apart from that, be sure that the heat pump is placed a few inches away from the exterior walls because there are some models that tend to vibrate while in operation. Consider The Climate – North Myrtle Beach heat pumps are extremely effective in areas with temperate climates that don’t go through extreme temperatures. When the climate is too hot or too cold, the heat pump unit should use more energy to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Although the HVAC system will use up more power, it will provide comfort in both winter and summer. Choose Between A Split Or Packaged System – heat pumps fall under two categories, the split systems, and the package systems. A split system has interior and exterior elements while a package system comes with an all in one design. Package systems are best for homeowners who might not have space inside their homes to house a heat pump. How many rooms you have to heat or coolheat pumps that cool or heat one part of the house are referred to as single-zone systems because they only have a single exterior condenser and interior component. Multi-zone systems have at least two interior components that link to one exterior condenser. The interior heads are available in different designs and shapes, which makes it simple to make a comfortable climate in any space.

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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Quick And Easy Air Conditioner Repair Tips

air-conditioner-repair-300x200.jpgThere’s no easy way to get through summer comfortably without the help of an air conditioner. Keeping cool in the intense summer heat is never easy. With that said, anyone who doesn’t want to bear the brunt of a hot and humid day would take measures to keep the AC running perfectly. But what happens when the air conditioning unit breaks down all of a sudden? How will you proceed with such a dilemma? Here are some air conditioner repair tips that will come in handy when you’re in a pinch this summer:

Air conditioner troubleshooting tips

  • Getting the right thermostat settings – there might have been those few times when you thought that something was wrong with your air conditioning unit but found out it was just the thermostat that needs adjusting. It is important to get the right thermostat settings so your unit could run properly. Inappropriate settings would either lead to system underperformance or over performance. Either way, the air conditioner would have a hard time adjusting to your needs if the wrong temperature is set.
  • Swap out the thermostat batteries with new ones – fresh batteries will make the thermostat responsive and reliable. Don’t forget to swap the batteries on your thermostat with new ones. It’s the little things like these that have a huge impact on the system.
  • Change your air filters – before you call in an expert for air conditioner repair North Myrtle Beach, try to exhaust all your options first. If you have the time, check for certain issues like dirty air filters. The air filters need to be replaced depending on how dirty it is.
  • Check the air vents – the air vents play a huge role in the entire system. If the vents are not clean, there’s a possibility that the system will not function normally. Duct cleaning will be needed in case of dirty air filters.
When is the right time to call an HVAC contractor? There are a lot of things that could go wrong with your system. That’s why you should call an HVAC contractor in case you happen to notice the following signs:
  • Strange noises – if you hear strange noises coming from the air conditioning unit other than the sound it makes when it is turned on, you should be alarmed. It could be a sign that there’s something wrong. The urgency of the matter may vary, though. However, strange noises are a clear indicator that something is about to go wrong or already is.
  • Outdoor unit issues – there can be a number of things that happen to the outdoor unit. When you suspect that the issue is coming from the outside unit, call your HVAC expert for a thorough inspection. Unless you are an expert yourself, you should leave the inspection to the professionals.
  • Faulty AC installation – the installation could be faulty, to begin with. If you have had your AC installed by non-professionals, you might be in for more trouble than you bargained for. Be sure to have any components of your HVAC installed by experts such as NMB HVAC Pros.

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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Adding Home Value By Making HVAC Upgrades

HVAC-300x200.jpgAccording to a study conducted by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, people are spending more on residential remodeling projects each year but see little return on their investments. The numbers are quite concerning, given the fact that home improvements could cost anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. However, a sure way of adding value to your home is through HVAC upgrades.

The things you need to know about HVAC upgrades

Adding value to your home is essential if you are planning to sell somewhere in the near future. Every single upgrade and improvement counts. When you put it into perspective, a fully functioning HVAC system will unlikely be noticed by a buyer at first glance. They don’t really pay that much attention to the system when they first view your house. However, they will easily notice a broken North Myrtle Beach HVAC system. Another reason why you should keep your HVAC maintained is that it is a big selling point when it comes down to laying out every detail of the house. This is the reason why you should consider HVAC maintenance, repairs, or upgrades when necessary. Is your system still running at optimal capacity? Over the years, your HVAC system will encounter some issues. Since the system has a lot of moving parts, it’s only normal for it to run into some problems. However, this shouldn’t be much of an issue if you have the problems resolved by a reliable HVAC contractor. Other than keeping the system in running condition, having it regularly maintained will let you know when it is time to upgrade. HVAC systems don’t last forever. Should you go for repairs or a system upgrade? There will be signs that prompt you whether to upgrade or to just have the issues repaired for the meantime. A thorough inspection is the best way to determine whether an upgrade is due. Again, an HVAC expert will easily be able to verify whether repairs are still worth it or if your money is better spent on a new unit. With newer, more efficient systems on the market, it’s easy to upgrade your with newer, more efficient systems on the market, it’s easy to upgrade your 10-year old HVAC. Should I go for the systems marketed as energy-efficient? A lot of electronic products nowadays are branded as energy-efficient. However, this description can get lost in translation very easily. A lot of brands may slap on such labels on their products with no real basis as to how efficient their products are. When planning to purchase a new HVAC system, always consider factors like SEER ratings or an Energy Star rating. It can be overwhelming and downright confusing at times. However, with the assistance of an HVAC contractor like NMB HVAC Pros who can explain all of this jargon, you will easily come to the conclusion that an upgrade is due. There are true energy-efficient systems out there. The only hurdle is to pick out which ones are the best of the bunch.

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